[Spoiler Alert!] Suits “Spain”Review

Mike’s Sixth Day…

I am extremely happy I watched this episode late because for the first time this season I am thinking “WHAT’S HAPPENING NEXT!”

So this episode wasn’t a drag at all. We had Louis and Donna discussing “wood”. Oh Louis! We kind of enjoy your weirdness. You are a different kind of special especially when you’re not trying to betray your friends. As for Harvey and Cahill’s bromance; I keep thinking it is not going to last for long but at least Harvey has friend. I wonder what will happen after the deal.


If there was an award for on and off friendships they’d totally win.



When is Mike going to realize he was guilty of the crime he was convicted of and start his rehabilitation. I’m tired of his “I’m not one of them” attitude. And it looks like the counselor is there to help just Mike. Does he not have other appointments? Why is Mike getting special attention?


Rachel’s case is looking interesting after all. It makes me feel like I’m watching The Good Wife or a police procedural. Hope the writers can keep her case interesting. I’m now imagining a spin off where Rachel handles murder cases and Mike is the private investigator or legal consultant. Scratch that Jessica will be more suitable for a lead role. Have the writers thought about what Mike is going to do after prison or will this be a black hole for them.

So till the next episode then!


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